Need Help Logging In?

If you forgot your User Name and Password, please follow the steps indicated on the Forgot Your User Name and Password page to retrieve your User Name and reset your password.

There are two ways to solve this issue. First, retrieve the Password Hint you established when you registered on the site by following the steps on the Forgot your Password page.

If the password hint does not help you remember your password, then that same page will allow you to reset your password.

If you forgot your User Name, but remember your password, please follow the steps on the Forgot Your User Name page to retrieve your User Name. After receiving your User Name, you will be able to use it to log in.

If you receive a message that you are locked out of our site, please use our Self Service Unlock.

When you log in from a private or secure device, please make sure to check the "Do not ask me a security question when I log in from this device" checkbox. Logging in from a different location, device, or browser may trigger a security question. Make sure you check the box each time you are presented with a question if you do not want to be asked one in the future. You should not check this box if you are logging in from a public device or a device that you share with others.

If you wish to change the answers to your security questions, you can resolve this issue yourself. Once you log in with your User Name and password, click on the "Profile & Notifications" link under My Account. Once you are on the Profile page, click the "Security" tab and you will see a "Question" button. Click the Question button and a page will display where you can change your security questions and answers.

If you are still in need of assistance, please Contact Us .

If you have a third party online budgeting service linked to your MOHELA web account, it can cause your web account to be locked when you attempt to log in. When this occurs, please log into your budgeting service account, and either disable its access to , or ensure that the security settings have been set correctly for it to access your MOHELA account. If you have any issue resolving the budgeting service’s access to our website, please contact the budgeting service’s Customer Service Department

If you are having an issue that can’t be resolved, please contact us for assistance.